Seraph’s Sanctions: We Can Never Go Home # 5

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon
Art: Josh Hood & Brian Level
Colors: Tyler Boss
Letter: David C. Hopkins
Publisher: BLACK MASK STUDIOS (December 2015)

The Breakdown:
It is time for the end as Madisonunnamed(50) and Duncan ended up within the confines of Mr. Carroll’s compound with super powered beings. Yet, as the FBI comes acalling as both Duncan and Madison make fateful choices that mean the end …



The Good:

This issue kinda left me breathless. It was an amazing finale to a tripped out story as Rosenberg and Kindlon deliver twists, thrills, drama and action. Rosenberg and Kindlon present to us some very pulse pounding action with some tear jerking confrontations. This final issue has some incredible moments throughout that seeunnamed(51)m very logical and gripping. There’s a lot of action this final issue, our writers make sure they balance it with some awe inspiring dialogue and interaction between our main characters. Our writers perfectly weave the outrageous events of the final issue with the very personal conflicts between Madison and Duncan. Their relationship is laid bare as they talk to each other, they argue with each out and we find out who each of them are. Getting your ass beaten the hell out of while the man you love watched … it does something to a person.

Meanwhile, Hood and Level both do remarkable jobs with their pencils and inks. They really give some spectacular panel work, making every punch look hard and brutal while every emotional argument hits just the right beat, capturing the love and the pain. Hood’s work is at his best this issue while Level’s prologue gives a wonderful panel work that closes out our story. The backgrounds are dynamic while Hood’s pencils are brilliantly colored by Boss. Boss’s colors were absolutely amazing in this final issue as the blood looked gritty and red, the action looked powerful and brutal and the emotional moments captured all the depth of feeling that the script need. Truly wonderful work.

The Bad:


The Verdict:

Kindlon and Rosenberg write an epic finally that has a very moving ending. It is not the ending that people may believe that the story would have had but it was the perfect ending for the miniseries and the issue. Hood and Level’s art were really detailed and wonderous while the color from Boss has given the panels vivid life with choices and styles of colors. We got a fitting tribute to the movies like True Romance, Heathers and more with a super powered twist that makes it all the more appealing. The story deals with love in its various forms and what or who is more important at the end of the day. With brutal action and wonderful dialogue, this book was just an amazing finale.


And for a gift … this is the song I was thinking of towards the end of the book: