Seraph’s Sanction: Bloodshot Reborn # 10

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art: Lewis Larosa
Colors: Brian Reber
Letters: Dave Lanphear
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (January 2016)
The Breakdown:
We shoot 30 years into a future were water is scare unless you live in LA and G.A.T.E. went from being one of humanity’s greatest defenders to one of its enemies as Bloodshot tries to get water for his small village to survive. Yet, there visages of two heroes are defiled while a third appears to Bloodshot as he fights to survive.



The Good:
The much anticipated “The Analog Man” storyline kicks off and Lemire and Larosa do not disappoint. Lemire’s writing is solid as he builds a different kind of future then the one we saw during “Book of Death” that features our hero a mere 30 years in the future looking after a village. It seems that Ray does get a chance to have a somewhat happy ending with Magic, which is definitely great. Yet, the world around them seems to be a great mix of Mad Max meets Terminator. There is a clear theme of old versus new and even Ray’s relation about how 30 years ago he was new and high tech, but now is obsolete in this new era. Lemire goes in these themes while bring character development and world building at the same time. We clearly see that Lemire does his research as he mentioned Shadowman and his love, Alyssa. We also see signs of X-O Manowar. It is a world that is very believable at the point in time that Lemire picks up from the present. The narrative is nice and smooth as always, allowing readers to get into the head of our main character as he guides us in this new world.

Lemire’s script is exquisite while Larosa’s art makes this story look and feel legendary. The cinematic like approach to much of the panel work really helps give the story the gravitas it deserves. Larosa’s detail presents beautiful panels that fully capture the emotions of the characters, the mood of the scene and the depth of this world we are visiting. Everything from the children and their clothing in the start of our story, to the truck we see in the middle of the story to the very beautiful looks at three Valiant icons being redone in this future are all rendered to perfection. Larosa’s art alone tells a story and really helps bring it along, giving hints of more to come.  Really outstanding work by Larosa and Reber proves himself one of the best colorists in the business as he goes all out in this issue. There’s seems to be a great mix of digital coloring with some influences in water coloring. It is similar to what Reber’s work has been in the past but I feel this is the next level here. And it is a true wonder to behold. The year just started and this would win best art of the year… The bar has been set.

The Bad:
The dragons were completely ugly in this … wait wait wait … there are no dragons in this. Yeah. Obviously, this comic does no wrong. Moving on.


The Verdict:

This comic is already going for one of the best comics of 2016. The writing is superb, tightly written with wonderful pacing, deep characterization and an engaging world. The art is exquisite from every line, every detail, every splash of color. This comic is a true triumph in how comics should be done and I would highly recommend this issue to any and all readers. Bloodshot Reborn # 10 sets a whole new bar and I look forward to seeing what comes next.