Robin the Hood # 2 Review

Written by Ken Janssens
Art by Bob Gordon & ESCOMIC
Bluewater Productions
This will be a Spoiler Free Review.
                Robin has a small showdown with the Sheriff in front of Marian, who Robin seemed to have tried to rob. Afterward, we find get some face time between Marian and Robin, who seems to like her. The Sheriff, after the battle, ends up deciding to get some help. And there is a traitor about.
                The story was pretty solid. It was paced well. The dialogue felt good and authentic of the time.  Janssens has a good sense of pacing, as each scene didn’t feel as it went too long or too short. I do like his Robin: brash, adventurous and slightly conceited with touches of a good heart and a man who would work hard. Marian definitely seems like a stronger woman in this than in previous incarnations.
                The characters are presented well. And Janssens keeps it interesting by throwing in a little mystery here and there in the book.
                Okay. There are times where the art is decent and there are some really good panels. But then, Gordon and ESCOMIC drop the ball several times throughout the book. There are panels that I believe that the art seems too thick and sketched, as there are times where people’s faces are too messed up to be seen. Now, I know that gets hard for people in the distance but there were some that there was no excuse for it. I know the art and color are pretty heavy … and I can see that there is a good amount of style. It was solid at the start of the book but just plummets by the end.  This is NOT good. The style is thick and can deliver good art by man … the overly thick black outlines and some of the coloring make the art look unappealing in many panels. I would say 50% of the book had solid art and 50% did not. It feels like after the first few pages, it was a rush job.  And from the earlier pages, I know Gordon & ESCOMIC can do better.

                Story is good. The art is meh. There was a lot of potential artistically that gets dropped. That is my main issue with this book.  Robin the Hood # 2 gets a 2.5 out of 5.