Seraph’s Sanctions: Wrath of the Eternal Warrior # 3

Writer: Robert Venditti
Art: Raul Allen & Patricia Martin
Colors: Borja Pindado
Letterer: Patricia Martin
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (January 2016)


The Breakdown:
Gilad is in the afterlife. We saw his paradise and many of his family who have died throughout the milennia. And now we see the cost of him choosing life … and its very, very painful.


The Good:
Allen and Martin are really do some stellar work this issue. The pencils and inks blends so very well that the art looks crisp. Allen makes it very stylish while giving us plenty of gore detail. Allen, Martin and Pindado make the book very stylish, which helps with the atmosphere for the book. The art is very stunning and eye grabbing. From the tender moment to the brutal torture of our lead, the art team makes the panels really compelling.

Venditti writes a great and fast issue. The pacing is great. It does move fast, but not too fast. Venditti makes this issue really take note of the significance of what Gilad does while he’s alive and the fact tWRATH_003_006hat he won’t give up hope. Venditti really dives into the character and motivation of our hero and it is refreshingly. Venditti makes sure whatever words he has to say, he makes them count. Gilad’s quest to return to the land of the living leads up to an amazing climax to end the issue. It really is a great testament to Venditti’s abilities as a writer to make readers feel disgusting and cheer yes.

The Bad:

The only real bad is that some readers might think the issue was too fast. But that’s a minor gripe.

The Verdict:

The art is stunning, gripping and tells the story. The writing is stop notch. We get some really vile torture while also having some amazing characterization. Venditti does an amazing job really show Gilad’s mission statement while growing him as a creator. This was an amazing issue as it sets up the finale.