Seraph’s Sanctions: NINJAK # 11

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Doug Braithwaite & Juan Jose Ryp
Colors: Brian Reber & Ulises Arreola
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (January 2016)

The Breakdown:

Ninjak and Punk Mambo continues their stay in the Deadside, trying to find Ember. Yet, Ninjak proves himself to be prepared as he comes up with ways to map out the Deadside and figure out ways to survive. Yet, for all that, they come face to face with Magpie… aka the Shadowman.

The Good:
The art is simply superb. Braithwaite and Ryp were doing amazing panel work, creating panels full of emotion and action. There was great care and emotion in every single panel. Both artists display all the characters in their glory. Magpie looked interesting, coming in as the forceful being he has become. The colors are perfect for the each artist, catching the right tone for the story. Reber and Arreola are simply amazing, giving brilliant yet muted color to the pencils and inks of Braithwaite and Ryp.

Kindt’s writing is pretty phenomenal this issue. We get some great character building for Ninjak, Punk Mambo and Magpie. Kindt paces both story well, allowing the history of Magpie be told and Ninjak show that he can make the best of any situation. All the training we’ve seen him have and Kindt expands on that which was established in the first two storylines. We get more lore of the Deadside as well as some more vulnerability to Punk Mambo. Kindt really makes the issue makes immersive and fun.
The Bad:

The Verdict:
With a title plot and some beautiful visuals, Ninjak # 11 presents us a great issue full of back stories, powerful lore and instensely entertaining characterization. We get more of the world of the Deadside while Ninjak proves himself the capable and powerful lead. The pacing of both stories are perfect. Braithwaite, Reber, Ryp and Arreola do some brilliant art work, really fleshing out our characters and the Deadside. With hints of the future and explanations of the past given, Kindt truly makes the issue reads easily, but feel weightly. Ninjak # 11 proves that there is nothing wrong about evolving or feeling vulnerable.