Unity # 7 Review

UNITY #  7
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by CAFU & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics

This will be a spoiler free review.

                Unity splits up to take down Dr. Silk and webnet. Yet, in doing so, we see our heroes having to get their hands dirty in order to save the world as Ninjak tries to find Dr. Silk’s original body while the others face other horrors.
                Kindt lets all the previous issues plots boil to a great finale here. The plots all connect. There is a great feeling of coming to an end of a journey with this finale. Kindt ties up the plot well while still leaving danging plots for future stories. Unity taking things separately made sense in this situation and has the team facing off different threat. Yet, what two of our heroes do in order to save the world … kudos for Kindt for not making it easy. The dialogue is smooth while the issue is paced perfectly.
                CAFU and Reber do an excellent job giving us a stunning visual finale. I want more of CAFU in this book. His clean, tight pencils and Reber’s colors just light up every panel while still capturing the mood and tone of the story. Nice detailed work that is enhanced by each other. Really great art at the end of the book.

                My only complaint is that the end, while satisfying was still a bit predictable. Otherwise, that’s it.

                Unity # 7 was just a joy to read. The action was amazing. The story was solid. Kindt and CAFU make an exceptional team and I look forward to more from them. I give Unity # 7 4 stars … out of 5.