Seraph’s Sanctions: Bloodshot Reborn – The Hunt (#6-#9)

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art: Butch Guice & Tom Palmer
Color: David Baron
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (December 2015)

The Breakdown: BSRB_007_003

Ray continues his question to find the other men infected by his nanites. While Magic helps him to not only find these guys but support him and his humanity, Ray faces the remaining Bloodshot infected people. Yet, Ray finds that he’s not the only one hunting the missing nanites. Meanwhile, Hoyt and Festival continue to link all the Bloodshot murders, uncovering a little on Project Rising Spirit … and something called Bloodshot Island. As their respective questions make them inch closer to each other, there are some surprising revelations and actions by both groups …


The Good:

Guice is a veteran who is respected for his art. Looking through this story arc. You can definitely see way. The panel work was very solid with great detail as Guice, Palmer and Baron do a superb job throughout the 4 issues of this story arc. There is rich detail and a good amount of grit shown through Guice’s pencils, inks from him and Palmer and Baron’s darker tones. It really helps capture the mood of the scenes. Guice does some really amazing perspectives in his panels, particular when GuiBSRB_009_002ce finds one of the last infected in the fields and see what happens to that man after a confrontation with Magic. Guice makes no apologies as within things need to look dark and sinister, yet captured the right emotions for each and every single panel. Baron’s colors perfectly marries with Guice’s art.

Lemire writes a compelling, thrilling script full of surprises, character development and strong story telling. We get to have some very interesting new addition to the Bloodshot mythology while using already established works. Lemire makes every issue worth the read by making sure there are at least two hooks in each BSRB_008_005issue: one dealing with the main plot of hunting down the nanite infected people and the other dealing with more personal growth for the characters. Ray, Magic, Festival and Hoyt all go through some decent character development that not only adds to the characters but really allows them to feel very much alive. Readers can relate to them and their struggles extremely well. Lemire weaves this all in without so much as batting an eyelash and it feels so good. It always feel like readers are rewarded for reading the story with each and every issue while building tension and excitement for the climax.

The Bad:

There wasn’t anything bad per se except I would have loved to have seen the exploration of Magic getting … well … I am not going to spoil it, but it seems like there was some potential.

The Verdict:
Bloodshot Reborn¬† The Hunt arc was a hell of a thrill ride with good action, solid mystery and excellent tension. GuicBSRB_009_004e’s art is absolutely magical while Baron’s colors are crisp and fit the art perfectly. Lemire’s writing is well crafted, amazing, compelling and gripping. Readers will want to know what happens next. Readers will want more after reading each issue. The action hits readers hard while the emotional moments are perfectly rendered and hit the right emotional tones both visually and verbally.¬† Ray’s journey to keep his humanity while becoming more than it was so well displayed that I consider this one of the masterpiece arcs in Valiant’s long catalog of stories.