Fathom Blue # 6 Preview


Vince Hernandez – Story / Claudio Avella – Art / Colors – Justice & JUANCHOo


The epic conclusion to the first volume brings the fragile team of Blue outcasts to their breaking point, as the forces of two worlds, above and below, collide on a cataclysmic level! Don’t miss out on the finale of the most talked about new Fathom series!


FATHOM BLUE #6 is in stores December 23rd, 2015!



01-FathomBlue_06-Aspen FathomBlue-06c-Gunderson-HOLIDAY FathomBlue-06b-Qualano FathomBlue-06a-Lorenzana 03-FathomBlue_06-Aspen 02-FathomBlue_06-Aspen