Seraph’s Sanctions: Zombie Tramp vs. Vampblade # 3

Writer: Jason Martin & Dan Mendoza
Art: Winston Young
Colors: Jason Martin
Letterer: Adam Wollet
Publisher: ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE (December 2015)


WARNING: This review has adult language and sexual situations.

The Breakdown:

So… Vampblade and Janey are switched in each others’ bodies while killing worm vampires. And guess where the worms are from?  Space …. and who is behind this … why it is a celebrity … sort of … So … space worm vampires that want to … oh my God!! Is that his ….

WHAT IN THE HELL MAN? That’s just so fucked up on so many levels …


The Good:
I know that I am being quite vocal. I am being a bit on a vulgar side too. Yet, this last issue was a good climax to the miniseries that helps introduce a new star while working out more with an established one. Martin makes the issue fun. It is fucked up as all hell because of the things you end up seeing during the course of the issue but it is definitely works its angle on being like the classic b-movies of yesteryear with a plot that is ok but some crazy visuals and gore. Martin ties everything up in a massively pretty bow … and when I say pretty … i mean pretty gross. And that is what Martin was going for. There is a certain level of fun that this issue presented much like the miniseries itself.  We get to meet the mastermind behind the Space Worm Vampires … yes … that is a thing … I really just said that and it happens to be an actor of some infamy. Well … a fasimile at least.  And it was hilarious. There was some good one liners and some interesting uses of both Janey and Vampblade as they faces off against … SUCKLORD… again … I just said words I never thought I would.

Young and Martin’s art was full of detail, gore and action. I was very surprise with where the story went and Young renders everything well with awesome perspectives and almost cinematic panel composition. Martin’s colors were on point, giving the final issue a nice balance.

The Bad:
The twist in most of these were good but … DID YOU HAVE TO CHANGE SUCKLORD’S PENIS?!  Shock value for shock value say … and this is even more so than ever.

The Verdict:
If you are not a fan of B Horror movies, this book isn’t for you. If you don’t like satire, you won’t like his book. And there is a bit too much shock value for the sheer sake of it. Like majority of it was fine but there was some other parts that was a bit too much. There were reasons for a lot of the gore, but when things went too far …it went to the other side of the world too far. Yet, Martin closes things up well in this final issue. We got a little development with our characters and plot. Also, the pacing was pretty good. It was a fun, disgusting ride. I am not too happy with some of the imagery I seen, but not because it wasn’t drawn well. It comes down to personal preference.