Lola XOXO # 2 Review

Written by Siya Oum
Art by Siya Oum
Lettering by Josh Reed
Aspen Comics

This will be a spoiler free review.

            Lola comes face to face with Edgar, the owner of the horse she was riding. After a small back and forth, Lola ends up working for Edgar. In the meantime, we see a guy named Monarch kill a lion …Seriously.  He and his girlfriend, Kami, seem to be under the control of a guy named Huntington … but not for very long.

            Can I continue to say that this is one of the most beautiful books out in the market? Seriously, the detail and style that Oum puts into every panel puts a lot of other books to shame. Oum raises the bar here between great amount of detail and a really vivid coloring/painting style. Each page is alive and feels very textured just by looking at it.
            The story is definitely heating up this issue as we get to know more about New York City after the “tragedy” of the first issue.  Lola gets some great characterization and development as we learn a bit more about her attitude, her determination and her values within  the pages. Oum also does a great job introducing new major plays Monarch, Kami and Edgar. Each of these characters definitely have strong, distinct personalities that you see immediately and Oum grows upon those organically. The dialogue was a great level between strong and authenc.
            Nothing bad this issue at all.

            Honestly, last issue started us off, but this issue pushed things into overdrive. This book really engrosses you into its world and characters well. Aspen’s got another hit with this book. I give Lola XOXO # 2 5 stars out of 5! Pick it up today in shops.