Writer: Dave Dwonch
Art: Anna Lencioni
Colors: Dave Dwonch
Letterer: Dave Dwonch

The Breakdown:
Cyrus must adjust to Michael, his recently dead fare, cannot crossover. Michael then asks about having Cyrus help him find oCYRUS_PERKINS_02-4ut why he died. Cyrus doesn’t want to do that off the bat but things move towards him wanting the answer himself … only to find another situation that he must risk his life for.



The Good:

The first issue sets up the causes and introduces us to our leads. This second issue provides us with character development and the mission statement of the series. Dwonch pens us a wonderful issue that dives deeper into Michael and the impact of his death while progressing Cyrus with his new role. The issue gives readers plenty of interesting tidbits on Michael, with his own mother mourning her son and another family mCYRUS_PERKINS_02-7ember. Meanwhile, Cyrus is coming to grips with Michael and getting past what happened for both himself and Michael. Dwonch also goes into the actual psychology of the impact of death on others, coping and about belief in people.

Lencioni delivers some solid art this issue. The cartoony art still works splendiferously as it shows both lighter moments well, and darker moments with good detail. Lencioni and Dwonch are a wonderful team as the tension of the events of this issue are rendered well. The panel work is solid, with Lencioni finding the right balance of detail and cartoony hip with each panel. Emotion has been really hit with the ball out of the park. Dwonch’s colors are top notch as well, fitting the style and the particular mood of the scene.


The Bad:
Pretty solid issue overall, but there just felt like something was missing. I am just not sure as to what.

The Verdict:

This second issue ends up being a great follow up to the first. We get to see solid character development with a little drama and comedy. The issue was smartly written while the art helped established our characters and shifted tone from serious to fun in a drop of hat with no real feeling of disorientation. With a new mission statement and deeper purpose for Cyrus, the book has set itself up an intriguing status quo that involves mystery and seeing the best in people. It was a fun ride.