Seraph’s Sanctions: IVAR, TIMEWALKER #11

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Art: Pere Perez
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Tom Brennan

The Breakdown:

    Ivar and Neela escape outside of the destroyed Saurian Empire timeline …. by getting outside of time and space. Outside of the multiverse … Ivar and Neela both make fateful decisions that changes everything … or nothing.

The Good:
This issue simply blew me away! Van Lente, Perez, Dalhouse create what is a perfect issue. The art is detailed, powerful and emotional as it conveys so much. Perez clearly has the most fun this issue with the sheer amount of different things that were both hilarious and serious sprinkled around the issue. If the panel needed to have some funny looking versions of Neela and Ivar, Perez made it so. If we needed a powerful, emotional moment, Perez and Dalhouse knock it out of the park. The colors are just right in each and every single panel, character and detail. It all blends so well that it will grab readers attention.

Van Lente writes what I would clearly call one of the stand out issues of the year. The build up to this issue and to the series get an amazing pay off starting this issue. Every detail and word was either hilarious, emotional or thrilling. The dialogue is hilarious or full of powerful emotion. I keep saying powerful and emotion because two very important things happen this issue. No …. I am not going to spoil it. I am just going to say that the pacing, dialogue and overall issue is superb … and Van Lente truly makes this issue really scream what the entire run has been for.
The Bad:
This should have been double sized. Valiant is evil for not letting me get the conclusion to this arc ….  well … all that doesn’t really count so … the actual wrong is nothing … but waiting ….

The Verdict:

The art is excellent. The writing is exquisite. By far, this might be the best single issue of comics of 2015. And considering what I been reading (hint hint: I read at least over 100 comics a month) … The art and story are truly a blessed marriage. And this is exactly what comics should be!