Charles Band’s Puppet Master # 9 Preview


Writer(s): Shawn Gabborin
Artist Name(s): Antonio Ontiveros (Pencils/Inks) and Daniel Morales Olvera (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Standard Cover: Antonio Ontiveros (Pencils/Inks) and Daniel Morales Olvera (Colors)
Variant Cover: Glenn Lumsden (Pencils/Inks/Colors)

With the Puppets by his side, Anthony returns to the Bouldeston Institute intent on ending Camille’s reign of terror. Can they stop her before she takes another life? Meanwhile, the Puppets owe a debt to Anapa, and his Followers have come to collect. The first of the Seven Tasks is ready, and Leech Woman must answer the call. Glenn Lumsden cover and sketch cover, limited to 2,000 copies each

32 pages/ Mature Readers/ FC                              $3.99 (reg)/ $ 4.99 (var.)


Puppet_Master_9-7 Puppet_Master_9-6 Puppet_Master_9-5 Puppet_Master_9-4 Puppet_Master_9-3 Puppet_Master_9-2 Puppet_Master_9_Standard SOLICIT RGB copy Puppet_Master_9_Sketch SOLICIT RGB Puppet_Master_9_Lumsden_Variant SOLICIT RGB