Seraph’s Sanctions: FATHOM BLUE # 5

Writer: Vince Hernandez
Art: Claudio Avella & Mark Roslan
Colors: Justice
Letterer: Josh Reed
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS (November 2015)

The Breakdown:

Ella’s dealings with the General seem to only cause the group more trouble as they must face off against another team … a team of Elite Blue …
The Good:

Hernandez presents us a solid story of a team conflicted, merely trying to get their own way.  Hernandez presents awesome characterizations of the team as they are facing their own kind while still stuck with the government. It definitely feels like the group and Ella are truly divided until the battle with the Elite Blue. The dialogue really brings out more the conflicts and layers of personality. Hernandez really captures the whole “us against the world.”

Avella and Roslan do some great action and panel work this issue as Justice blends their artwork with dynamite color that really match the mood.

The Bad:

I am not sure what happened, but either the pencils were too rough of the inks were done too quickly. The art was not as on point as it normally is. There are a bunch of panels were the pencils and inks look heavier03-FathomBlue_05-Aspen than normal. The art was good for some of the issue, but the more rushed look did not make Avella’s and Roslan’s work look nearly as well as it normally is … to the point where it kind of took me out of the story to notice it.

The Verdict:

The titles fifth issue is a little bit of a mixed bag in terms of art. Nearly half of it looks rushed and rougher than normal, making some of the faces or bodies don’t look nearly as good as it normally does. The rest of the art is spectacular. The colors are pretty on point. Hernandez makes sure there is a very heavy sense of tension, dread and choices as our team is faced with their hardest challenges yet. The issue ends with a strong cliffhanger. And while the art isn’t as good as normally, it is serviceable.