Seraph’s Sanctions: JIRNI (Vol 2) # 4

Writer: J.T. Krul

Art: V. Ken Marion & Mark Roslan
Colors: Wes Hartman
Letterer: Josh Reed
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS (November 2015)

The Bre02-Jirni2_04-Aspenakdown:

Ara goes undercover to help free women that Boro traded in. She finds out why they were traded in … they are used as a tribute to a sorcery named R’anu. And man … this guy convinces some of the captive women to slice their own flesh off … Ara starts to plan their escape, yet can she lead them away?

The Good:

The art is absolutely stunning as always. Some of the best art in comics go through these pages with vivid, powerful color and exquisite, bountiful detail. From the backgrounds to the people, Marion, Roslan and Hartman every panel of the issue is a work of art. There is a lot of great action and emotion displayed amazing shower of backgrounds. Marion and Roslan are truly one of the superb combinations in comics and this issue just more of a testament for it. The battle towards the end of the issue was absolute beauty.

Krul writes a solid issue as we focus on Ara and the plight of these women while he also03-Jirni2_04-Aspen makes R’anu a very charismatic and frightening threat. Ara definitely gets some deeper characterization this issue since it focuses on her and the building of the threat of R’anu. I am glad that Krul tries to give hope to the women while not trying to sound preachy. The threat is nice and creepy and we get Ara in action, closing the issue with a tense cliffhanger.

The Bad:

The issue was solid … just felt a bit breezy. I feel like a couple more pages would have made the issue perfect.

The Verdict:

This issue is definitely progressing to a wonderful finale. Krul writes a strong issue. It just feels like a couple more issue would have made the issue be perfect. Perhaps a little more on R’anu would have made the issue definitely feel perfect. Still, it was a strong issue to work towards the end of the miniseries.