Seraph’s Sanctions: LEGENDS OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST # 2

Writer: Tom Hutchison
Art: Alisson Borges & Fabio Nahon
Colors: Kate Finnegan & Ceci de la Cruz
Letterer: HDE & Josh Reed




The Breakdown:

Dorothy and the old man she nicknames “Tin Man” are still in the bar in the aftermath of their battle with the flying monkeys. After she frees the cowardly lion, she and “Tin Man” get another clue on the yellow brick road and the way to the Emerald City. In the meantime, the mistress of the flying monkeys arrive after they live … and she ain’t happy.

In the back up, we get more into the lore behind the 4 witches with the magical guns and what they can do … find that one of the 4 witches had died … cause of a house falling on her and another woman coming out and taking her gun …
The Good:

Borges does a01-LegendofOz_02-Aspen stellar job in the opening story as we see a good amount of detail and action done well. Dorothy is not a woman to mess with and Borges displays that very well. The world of the wild west versus the world of OZ is blended well as Borges makes sure that things look both recognizable yet alien. From the flying monkeys to the cowardly lion in clown make up … there is definitely a unique feel to OZ and that is really selective to this book. Borges and Nahon both do a great job bringing that out. The color is pretty solid as Finnegan makes sure the lighter palette is used to display the desert areas within OZ. de la Cruz does a brilliant job of making Nahon’s work look vivid, setting the tone for the story and time of day the story takes places.

Hutchison builds more upon Dorothy, “Tin Man” and the actual world that is this OZ. It is very different from any kind of Oz we have seen before, yet there is familiar things. Hutchison makes this fantasy western captivating with Dorothy’s quest to get home and get to the Emerald City while also showing our lead to be a very strong woman. Actually, that is the unofficial theme of the issue. We meet a lot of strong wo02-LegendofOz_02-Aspenmen that weave themselves into this world. I do like how “Tin Man” serves as both a protector and foil to Dorothy … giving an interesting dynamic between the two. The overall pacing was solid. The second story builds more into the mythology of Oz while also giving us a new mystery to want to solve.  The characterizations and overall stories are gripping and engaging.

The Bad:
While Nahon does a good job, there were a few panels that the proportions looked odd … that the head was too big here and there. Just a minor gripe.


The Verdict:
Hutchison’s story and characters are engaging, multi-faceted and fun to read about. This world of Oz has an interesting mythology that just add to the stories and plot itself. The art was good, besides the heads looking a bit big on a few panels in the second story.