Seraph’s Sanctions: TOMBOY # 1

Writer: Mia GoodwinTomboy_01-2
Art: Mia Goodwin
Colors: Mia Goodwin

The Breakdown:

On her birthday, Addison was waiting for her best friend, Nick, while singing the opening theme to her favorite magical girl show, Princess Cherry Cherry. As her grandfather teases her and her father, there is news on a trial of Irene Trent … with Addison’s grandpa staying that Trent needs to die and that he would have if he was still Chief of Police. Addison’s father gets called in on a case, finding that he’s a medical examiner … and what he finds breaks Addison’s heart. As her birthday goes on, Addison finds herself getting linked to Irene Trent and more …

The Good:Tomboy_01-6

Wow! Just wow. This first issue really reads well as Goodwin is able to mix the elements of mystery, murder, cop drama, conspiracy and magical girl in an excellent way. Our lead is likable and her motivations are very authentic. Addison is an interesting female lead, growing up under two generations of police. That makes the revelation that we find later this issue that much more hard hitting. What is also great is that Goodwin doesn’t just spend time developing Addison, but develops several other characters throughout the opening issue well enough to know about their motivations. I particularly enjoyed seeing the Brody family … Addison’s father, Marcus being a good medical examiner but clearly gets deeper development when he finds “the body.” Addison’s grandfather was already fun to see as we get an idea of who he is right off the back. The main plotlines of the story are laid to bare and start good development here. The first issue is clearly not a slow burn and Goodwin makes the book pace perfectly.
The art is great. There is an energy here that seems to shine more than Goodwin’s previous work. The cartoony art style there, but evolved. This allows Goodwin to make the lighter scenes really fit their mood and the more gritty scenes have bold impact. The gore in the book is tasteful, allowing readers enough details to know how people die, but doesn’t flat out show us …giving readers the ability to imagine the inbetween. I applaud that because it makes readers that more much engaged into the story themselves.

The Bad:

I didn’t really find anything bad.

The Verdict:

It is pretty awesome first issue. We establish characters, including our multi-faceted lead right off the back. We get a gripping crime story that mixes murder with conspiracy hitting on higher ranks. We get a compelling incident that strikes our lead and other characters while getting the main plot and main draw of the book rolling. The art is solid, with awesome detail and moody colors that just bring out the mood of the scene. And the fact that this is mixed with a ‘magical girl’ genre was surprising … but Goodwin knocks it out of the park with this first issue.