Seraph’s Sanctions: IMPERIUM #10

Writer: Joshua Dysart
Art: CAFU & Jose Juan Ryp
Colors: Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Alejandro Arbona
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (November 2015)


The Breakdown:

We get iIMPERIUM_010_006nto the aftermath of last issues attack as Ingrid makes psychological evaluations. Meanwhile, we get a very deep look into the past of Tess Soloman and the Vine verse Harada. And man … it seems Tess and her fellow Earth Vine decide that Harada must die.



The Good:

Dysart continues to be a master of his craft. The story in this issue allows character and plot advancement. Dysart spares no expense as he builds up Tess Soloman as a true threat to Harada and respected among the Earth Vine. The past between Soloman and Harada really helps connects the Vine to the rest of the Valiant Universe well on Earth. The dialogue is great as the narrative help moves the story along but helps enhances the art by CAFU and Ryp.

Both CAFU and Ryp do a fantastic job with the art this issue. The panel work really is stellar by both artist. CAFU proves some very good emotional and creepy panels with the characters, particularlyIMPERIUM_010_004 the final set of panels with Lord Vine 99. Panel work was stellar with using simple panels framed just the right way to give a dramatic effect to the pages. Reber’s colors are quite lovely this issue with the moody blues and blacks to show the Vine Collective Consciousness can see and feel one of their own being tormented. It was some really amazing work by the art team here.

The Bad:

None really.


The Verdict:
There is some wonderful characterizations this issue as Dysart creates a wonderful tapestry of the Earth Vine vs Harada. There are multiple connections to other events in the Valiant Universe, but Dysart weaves it together so well. Lord Vine 99 is close to getting what he wants while we see just how personal the conflict is. I am also pleasantly surprised by Mech Major’s and Ingrid’s characterizations. They were solid from beginning to end and full of fun. The art was really strong and the story was engaging, really addiIMPERIUM_010_002ng to the importance of the conflict between Harada and the Vine.