Seraph’s Sanctions: NINJAK # 9

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Clay Mann, Juan Jose Ryp, Seth Mann, BIT & Ryan Winn
Colors: Ulises Arreola
Letterer: Dave Sharpe

The Breakdown:

    Ninjak faces the final member of the Shadow Seven as they have a nuke within the city of Las Vegas. Our resident british ninja decides to tackle our final boss of this arc, we get to learn even more about Colin’s past … his identity and what he does to make a solid future for himself …

The Good:
We get a very strong character piece alongside an action packed conclusion full of revelations and oneupsmanship. Colin shows himself to be a strong lead as we NINJAK_009_003get a great balance of action and characterization. Kindt makes this issue count as there is a lot to take it, but keeps it from being overwhelming. Kindt keeps the dialogue and action smart, making readers grip to their books or pads while they go through every panel. There is a sense of satisfaction with many facets of the story; the connection between the recent lost files and this issue’s main story really brings together the storyline well. The dialogue was powerful, suggestive and enhanced the story well.

Mann returns triumphantly, giving us his best issue on the title yet. The action looked amazing as Ninjak is frighteningly powerful and gracefully agile. He looks like a great anti-hero as he tackles the final member of the Shadow Seven in a casino. Yet, Mann portrays the more personal moments with a power and style that he truly made his own. The colors are vivid and alive like always, proving Arreola is a master of color. There is a particularly a strong amount of color and vibrancy that shines from the pages.  Ryp’s awesome art gives us the turning point for our hero as he faces his quest for revenge while also becoming the warrior that we know. Every panel is full strong detail that embeds in your brain after looking at it.

The Bad:

      My only real gripe about this issue is the actual conclusion. While I felt like everything fit, it also felt like it need a few more pages focusing on that final confrontation to feel more impactful. While what happened was amazing and definitely a game changer … it felt a bit too quick of a conclusion.

The Verdict:
Ninjak #9 gives us a grand finale to the Shadow Wars storyline. Ninjak’s matches culminated well in this finale which gave a lot of depth to the character, his history and his importance and connection to the Valiant Universe. While lore and development was built upon, the finale seemed just a bit too quick there in the final battle. Otherwise, this was a strong follow up to the opening storyline.