Straight Forward Reviews : Marvel Now Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2

Just last month Spider Man has been relaunched as “The Amazing Spider-Man” and shows new beginning for Spider-Man as Peter Parker has come back into control of his own body.

Writer – Dan Slott

Artist – Humberto Ramos

Publisher – Marvel

Review by Jeremias de Leon


The story kicks off with Spider-Man fighting off villains in a way that unquestionably proves that it is indeed Peter Parker in his own body again. During the events of issue one Spider-Man tries to cope with what Doc Ock left behind for him in a big company and a girlfriend.

In issue one the story focuses on Peter explaining to his closest friends that his body was taken over by Doctor Octopus and that he’s back in charge. The Avengers, having seen enough strange things in their lives believe him but also decided to take extra steps to really make sure he’s telling the truth. The rest of the issue sees him learning about all the things Doc Ock has left in Peter’s life.

Issue two sees Electro’s return and Peter Parker learning about the things Doc Ock left during his time controlling Peter’s body which includes a large company and a girlfriend.

Dan Slott does a fantastic job of writing characters and funny, witty banter. Especially since that’s Spider-Man’s main thing, being a wise cracking hero I have to say that lately these issues have hit a home run. However the build up from issue one to Electro’s return in issue two felt a bit like it might have been overhyped. Especially with the cover showing what looks like an epic battle. The two do meet in issue two but, it looks like it did not need that kind of build up.


Humberto Ramos’ lines and Edgar Delgado’s colors are dynamic and vibrant in both issues. It really had what could be called the “essence” or the “soul” of Spider-Man’s look as it looked like it had interesting, colorful characters and a living, breathing New York.

Spider-Man has a specific style where it’s lighthearted has bright colors and dynamic movement that makes it look whimsical. The art nails all those points.


The Amazing Spider-Man relaunch has nailed a lot of things right. Seeing Peter back in his body and dealing with the repercussions of having Doctor Octopus be in control of his body is intriguing and funny. Seeing how the people around him react to seeing Spider-Man act the way he used to is great as well.

Some of the build up felt like it was too much and the issues while mostly great feel like they’re a bit too thin on things actually happening. It seems it’s more like just normal drama and a little bit of a fight or plans being hatched in between.

Dan Slott is great at writing dialog however so these books never felt like a chore. I wish there was a little bit more in terms of action and the like but they’re great.

On top of the normal story issue one also came with a lot of bonus mini stories and a bonus issue of Inhuman issue 1. The bonus stories were great as well but these extras are not considered in this review. Just issue one and two proper.

For The Amazing Spider-Man issues one and two I give both a 8.5 out of 10.