Writer: Dave Dwonch
Art: Anna Lencioni
Colors: Dave Dwonch
Letterer: Dave Dwonch

Publisher: ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT (October 2015)


The Breakdown:

Cyrus Perkins is just a guy trying to live his life with the woman he loves and make an honest living as a cabbie. A fateful night changes his life as one of his fare ends up being dying in his cab …


The Good:

Anna Lencioni’s style is great in this first issue. We get a lot of wonderful, simple panel work with her cartoony style adding a mix of joy and horror so well. Lencioni hits all the emotional beats just right. Lencioni more thick style ends up working well alongside Dwonch’s colors builds the world of the story well. The rougher style work because it gives it versatility. There’s good detail and the colors really help bring out Lencioni’s pencils and inks. We get to see the world built up and really get to be a part of Cyrus’ life.

Dwonch writes a very compelling, dark yet fun first issue. We meet our lead who seems like a regular guy. He’s likable. He’s very human and we get that right away with Dwonch’s strong narrative. The first issue is structured extremely well from start to finish. We get to know Cyrus. We get to see how the title of our book comes true. We get to see the aftermath of the death of Cyrus’ cabbie and the effects on him. Dwonch paces all this perfectly. With the addition of compelling dialogue and splitting the issue with the death of the fare, Michael, and Cyrus dealing with life after that, it creates a balance of compelling and entertaining story. The other characters in the book like Iris and Raj don’t have much screen time, but still have strong personalities that it grabs you.


The Bad:CyrusPerkins_01-9



The Verdict:

This first issue was really solid from start to finish. The art was good, capturing emotion well while being quirky and fun to look at. Dwonch writes a superb first issue that allows readers to really get to know our character, do some working building and create truth behind the title. Cyrus is an engaging, enjoyable lead that is the everyday man trying to do right and now deals with the trauma of what happened. One of the best first issues I have ever read.