Seraph’s Sanctions: F1RST HERO: FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT # 3

Writer: Anthony Ruttgaizer
Art: Danny Zabbal
Colors: Fred C. Stresing
Letterers: Fred C. Stresing
Editor: Colleen Boyd
Publisher: ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT (October 2015)


The Breakdown:

Jake is having his chat with the greedy, slimy Coop as Coop smartly has his cell on so their friends can overhear. Because of that, Coop gets some upper hand has he uses Jake to get money … and Jake as bargaining chips to the people he owes money to. Yet, Odinson and the underground fighting ring decide they got their own plans for Jake … and Coop. Meanwhile, the US Extra-human task force is closing in …
Big Moment:

Odinson vs. Jake …. ROUND TWO!

The Good:

This issue has a LOT of great payoffs while it builds up to the finale of this arc. Ruttgaizer goes in this issue, allowing to build up Coop, Jake, Odinson, Pete and more as the main plot goes on a F1rsthero_v2_03-6great climbing rollercoaster. Jake shows off his badass side while showing the tactician of a fighter/soldier, which fits Jake’s background. Odinson’s ego gets the better of him, yet Ruttgaizer makes Odinson still entertaining to read and not hammy. The dialogue really is stellar here as it makes all the characters feel more authentic. The dialogue and story are so solid this issue that it easily takes you to the underbelly of Philadelphia with ease and holds on to you without letting go. The pacing is perfect. Coop is so damn manipulative and slimy that it really, really makes readers want to hate the backstabbing jerk, but Ruttgaizer makes sure that every action has a consquence … some we see this issue … some that are set up this issue for next issue.

Zabbal and Stresing are incredible this issue. The simplier cartoony style is still solid with great detail and muted colors to both allow you to look into the book and to suck you into the story itself. Zabbal’s panel work is really solid. The characters show off emotion naturally, really letting readers feel those emotions at that moment. Stresing doesn’t go with typical coloring, yet the colors really makes sure to covey what Ruttgaizer is writing and what Zabbal is trying to express through his art.

The Bad:

Zabbal’s backgrounds are lacking in some cases. Yet, it is a minor gripe.

The Verdict:

  F1rst Hero: Fight For Your Life # 3 just continues to captivate readers with solid art and amazing story. Zabbal and Stresing paint a powerful issue full of drama, action and F1rsthero_v2_03-8intrigue as we see foes face off and friends betray each other. The battle between Jake and Odinson is brutal and satisfying. The train shoots to the end as our characters are paying for their actions little by little … some with their lives as we move to an action packed conclusion. Definitely the best issue yet and I can’t wait for it.