Seraph’s Sanctions: BOOK OF DEATH # 4

Writer: Robert Venditti
Art: Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite
Colors: David Baron and Brian Reber

Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT  (October 2015)


The Breakdown:

It is the final battle between Eternal Warrior and Tama vs. Master Darque takes place. There will be only ONE Geomancer once this ends while Unity gets ready to storm in …


The Good:

Gill aBOD_004_001nd Braithwaite go all out with their heart-pounding action and riveting emotions that pour out of every line and every panel of this issue. The gritty and vicious future and final battle are rendered with stunning colors, shades and detail that will hold you and not let you go. Gill and Braithwaite give some of their best work of their careers in this one issue as the final battle between Darque and Eternal Warrior  and the possible foretold future is amazing. Baron and Reber prove themselves as some of the best colorists in the business this issue with the right balance of colors and shadows. The characters are crisp, full of detail and emotion. The backgrounds are full.

Venditti does an exquisite job this issue will coming to a strong conclusion of the event. Eternal Warrior, Tama and Master Darque get wonderful character development and advancing the main plot. Tama especially takes her place this issue and really proves herself, making readers want to know more about her. Darque continues to be lost in his “superiority” as the final battle takes place. Eternal Warrior really shines as he moves forward and proves why he is one of the greatest characters in comics today. The overall plot and pacing are race to a somewhat satisfying conclusion.


The Bad:

The only real misstep seems to be both a bad thing and possibly a good thing … the actual use or lack of use of Unity. I kind of felt like they were just there this issue when they could have been utilized but then …


The Verdict:

Book of Death, for the most part, ended on a high note. Venditti wrapped up the main plot while advancing our main characters of the event. There was great character development and set up for not only Eternal Warrior’s upcoming ongoing, but also hints of a new future for Tama. The art was really amazing, with panels of sheer horror and beauty that really are captivating. Unity’s role seemed to have been fairly lackluster and their position in this issue was both a bad thing and a good thing. It made the main story unpredictable but also seemed a little wasteful.