Charles Band’s Puppet Master # 7 Preview

Writer(s): Shawn Gabborin
Artist Name(s): Michela De Sacco (Pencils/Inks) and Yann Perrelet (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Standard Cover: Michela De Sacco (Pencils/Inks) and Daniel Morales (Colors)
Decapitron Cover: Michela De Sacco (Pencils/Inks) and Yann Perrelet (Colors)

The Puppet bodies have cut a bloody trail with only one final destination: Hell for the souls that abandoned them. A deal is placed before the souls that used to inhabit the Puppets, but will they accept… and should they? Enter Anapa, son of Sutekh. Film and comics converge in the ultimate tale of revenge!

32 pages/ Mature Readers/ FC                              $3.99 (reg.)/ $4.99 (var.)


Puppet_Master_7_Decapitron_SolicitRGB Puppet_Master_7_Standard_SolicitRGB Puppet_Master_7_PROOF1-6 Puppet_Master_7_PROOF1-5 Puppet_Master_7_PROOF1-4 Puppet_Master_7_PROOF1-3 Puppet_Master_7_PROOF1-2 Puppet_Master_7_PROOF1-1 Puppet_Master_7_DecapitronSketch_SolicitRGB Puppet_Master_7_DecapitronPhoto_SolicitRGB