Straight Forward Reviews : Armor Hunters # 2

The Armor Hunters are back for Aric. What steps have they taken to eradicate the X-O Manowar?

Writer – Robert Venditti

Artist – Doug Braithwaite

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


A spoiler free summary. The Armor Hunters power have been felt by the people of Earth as an entire city has been decimated. The United States government and other governments have been trying to come up with a response to combat the aliens. A team looks to be forming and Aric learns more about the properties of the armor thanks to experiments, properties that seem to be tied to the whole reason these Armor Hunters do what they do.

The story in this issue does a great job of showing just exactly what the stakes are and why these Armor Hunters should be taken deadly seriously. Destroying an entire city just one of the things they do to show they are on a completely different level than what the world has seen before. The reactions and the planning by the people trying to defend Earth show this as even the most stoic of people get emotional during this issue. Touches like that make the characters more relatable and I give Venditti credit for that.


The art is very detailed and has some grittiness to it but still seems clean as well. Nothing seems out of focus are hard to identify. Which is perfect for this kind of book which seems to be a bit dark yet doesn’t lose it’s soul as a story about heroes.


With a relatable cast of characters, and destructive events that aren’t really battles but does count as action, that is intriguing and captivating I give Armor Hunters # 2 a 9.5 out of 10.