Seraph’s Sanctions: ETERNAL SOULFIRE # 4

Writer: J.T. KrulEternal_Soulfire-04c-Qualano
Art: Alex Konat, Julie Salvatierra & Mark Roslan
Colors: Federico Blee & Peter Steigerwald
Letterer: Josh Reed
Editors: Vince Hernandez & Frank Mastromauro
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS (October 2015)

Cassidy’s life changed forever as she grew wings and awoken to magical powers … only to be chased by a SWAT team. Meanwhile, a warrior named Miya started collecting other people who were awakening their powers and created a tribe.

The Breakdown:

Miya moves the group over to Africa after Cassidy says goodbye to her parents. As the tribe makes there way to Joannesburg, Cassidy, Lily and another girl go out to have some fun. Yet, their fun at the club gets them in trouble …


Big Moment:

Gotta say that cliffhanger ending definitely makes me say “Holy S***!”


The Good:

The issue was a pretty strong issue with character growth for Cassidy and Lily after last issue’s focus on Miya. Krul makes the issue an easy read, but still pack it with solid plot development and entertaining dialogue. Cassidy is still quite hopeful, wanting to come up with a solution that allows them, the magic beings, to live with regular people. Lily, on the other hand, gives her the harsh reality that that isn’t going to happen. Krul delivers this smoothly without hammering it to the reader. Lily implies it several times and it feels very natural. Krul makes both girls feel very authentic and interesting. Lily is older and more jaded while Cassidy is younger and hopeful. It makes sense and help builds upon in the story. I do also love the fact that the SWAT unit is just going after them, beyond jurisdiction from the looks of it. I feel like Krul not only spends the issue developing characters and the main plot, but also sets up seeds for what Eternal Soulfire will go from the actions of Cassidy and this SWAT team this issue. Feels very organic and very entertaining to read.

Konat, Salvatierra and Roslan give some stunning art this issue. The panel work pops out of you with their great lines and expressions. The action looks beautiful, the characters all look distinct and very detailed. Konat does not skimp on detail at all as every background is realized and help bring readers into the story. Salvatierra and Roslan both bring out the best of Roslan’s art with this issue. Cassidy does look like a younger girl compared to Lily or Miya. Konat captures that imposing presence of Miya well while showing Cassidy’s innocence. Blee and Steigerwald’s colors dazzle every panel with their colors, finding the perfect balance of shades and colors to make things look polished and vivid.


The Bad:

I would like a bit more info on our SWAT team that is going to cause an international incident. Cause this will have BIG repercussions. Maybe we will find out later, but I am confused by their actions at the moment.


The Verdict:

Eternal Soulfire # 4 does a great job of advancing the plot while giving more depth to Cassidy and Lily. Cassidy’s role is starting to become more and more clear as her innocence will be put to the test here. Krul’s script is on point as always, with the exception of the whole operation modi for the SWAT team. There definitely seems to be a big confrontation brewing between the SWAT and Miya’s tribe … and Cassidy has to make some major decisions. Still, I look forward to seeing what Cassidy’s ultimate destiny is and how it will tie into the rest of the Soulfire mythology.