Shadowman: End Times # 2 Advanced Review

Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Valentine De Landro, Livesay & David Baron
Lettering by Dav Lanphear
Valiant Comics

This will be a Spoiler Free review.

                Josiah has returned but has decided to hide in a place call the Voodou Lands. Meanwhile, Jack is in a quest to find him. Punk Mambo gives him hints but it will take a BIG sacrifice for him to go where his father is. And while the Shadow Loa is still edging on Jack, his quest to find Josiah might cost him more than he ever realized.


                Milligan writes a great issue, full of tension, emotion and personal conflict. This is a personal conflict that is enhanced by magic, making it have higher states. Yet, Milligan always makes sure it is grounded by the emotional. And boy, we get some BIG developments for Jack this issue. Much of the status quo is dismantled with this issue and it just grips at readers hearts. Milligan continues to add to the mythology of Shadowman while developing the characters within. Josiah had some major development in this issue that gives readers a whole new impression of the previous Shadowman.  And with great pacing and dialogue, Milligan hits a home run.

                De Landro, Livesay and Baron continue to dazzle with some great art. The darker, less detailed art really helps create mood and adds to the tension; allowing readers to immerse themselves. De Landro and Livesay do an outstanding job bringing out a deep, creepy atmosphere and making our hero look as conflicted as he truly.  With some dramatic background and Baron’s dark colors, this issue really help bring out the tension and dark atmosphere of the book.  Really great job.


                Without spoilers, Jack gives up something … that was very quickly put together in the first place. Otherwise, great issue.


                Story was great with the one weird hiccup. The art was definitely stellar. A good book, all in all.  I give Shadowman: End Times # 2 a 4.5 … out of 5.