Seraph’s Sanctions: NINJAK # 8

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Stephen Segovia, Ryan Winn & Juan Jose Ryp
Colors: Ulises Arreola
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Tom Brennan
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (October 2015)

Ninjak – MI: 6’s super spy ninja who takes down evil through the shadows. Now embroiled in a full set of “Shadow Wars” against the group known as the Shadow Seven, who Ninjak wants to take down permanently.

NINJAK_008_005 NINJAK_008_004

The 411:

First, we are introduced to the man known as Fitzy of the Shadow Seven … and boy, does he have one hell of an origin. Ninjak learns about it with a surprising end there.

In the meantime, we have more of Ninjak’s backstory as a student of the Undead Monk.

The Good:

Segovia, Winn, Ryp and Arreola dazzle and astound readers with their work this issue. The action is dynamic. The emotion is almost real and shows clearly in every line. The detail is vast and exquisite. The art is top-notch, with Segovia showing us some of the best work of his career. The panels leap out at you in this action packed issue. There is very little room to breath as we get some wonderful movement. Also, the clear emotion of the flashbacks are clearly vibrant thanks to Segovia’s and Ryp’s pencils. They truly make some masterful work … from Fitzy in action to Colin talking his mother to his time as a student of Undead Monk … every last panel is absolutely beautiful.  Arreola continues to show why he’s one of the best colorists in the business today with this being his best work to date.

Kindt makes the issue pretty much focus on Fitzy …. adding the twist that he might not be as bad as we might have thought he was. Plus, his link to Dr. Silk already allows for a link to Colin’s old adversary. There is something special abou Fitzy … so much so that I wanted more. The characterizations of Fitzy and Ninjak are so of the best of the series this issue.  While dialogue was sparse, they were powerful throughout the entire issue. Kindt moves along the Weaponeer mythology along as well as Shadow Wars. The issue, much like the previous issues, can stand along while allowing to move along the main storyline between them. Kindt enriches the Valiant Universe again with this issue, allowing readers to know only more of our lead, but also the new character named Fitzy and the world around them.

The Bad:

I’m enjoying the story, but I am wondering why is it taking so long to deal with Colin’s butler subplot. I can understand the slow burn, but I am hoping for some kind of resolution to it cause it is just getting a bit too long to be dealt with.

The Verdict:

Ninjak # 8 continues to build upon not only the Shadow Wars, but our lead and the Valiant Universe in general.  The issue presents us with a debut of a strong new character that could be a real player in the Valiant Universe while advancing the main storyline. The spotlight on Fitzy might seem a bit heavy this issue, but it is balanced out by flashbacks and the back up story. It really allows readers to get to know more of our hero as well. The art is simply stunning with strong, detailed panel work and vivid color.