Seraph’s Sanctions: CRITTER # 4

Writer: Tom Hutchison
Art: Fico Ossio & CB Zane
Colors: Fico Ossio & Ceci de la Cruz
Letterers: Kel Nuttall
Editors: Kari Castor, Vince Hernandez & Gabe Carrasco
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS/BIG DOG IMPRINT (October 2015)

This book follows the superhero world of Critter and her very, very large supporting cast. She is a second generation heroine who is the daughter of a great heroine named 01-Critter_04-AspenVelvet Fox. And now …

The Breakdown (formerly the 411):

Our main story continues upon what happened with Tidepool last issue but puts Cassia in the beginning of changes in time as Critter ends up being recruited into Purrfection, a team of cat themed heroes. And Paradox isn’t happy about it … while the Core deals with more of Tidepool’s cronies and a new team of villains known as U.N.I.C.O.R.N. …

Meanwhile … well, the big moment has a two fold meaning.



Big Moment:

We find out what happened to Cassia’s mother …

The Good:

The art is solid as always. Fico Ossio and CB Zane do an outstanding job with their art, creating very captivating panels. There is a lot of detailed and beautiful panel work by both artists in both stories that really make the book shine. The colors by Ossio and del la Cruz are vivid, making the art move and breath as you go from page to page. Their best art to day are within these pages.

Storywise, Hutchison definitely does some more world building as we get to meet a few more heroes while advancing the main plot of this arc. Paradox’s his more overty aggressive, really fleshing out the characters a bit more. Cassia’s life is getting more complicated with the introduction of Cougar. We have an introduction of  a new villain group right after Tidepool’s cronies have been attacking in multiple attacks across the country. And that makes a LOT of sense. Of course criminals would want to take advantage of the chaos and having Yellowjacket back makes sense.

Hutchison does make some solid and wonderful mysteries developing this issue with new characters and a solid introduction of the sly Cougar. The second story is extremely solid as it connects to the disappearance of Cassia’s mother to a real life historical event that connects to all American readers …


The Bad:

The second story is extremely solid as it connects with the main story. The new characters are all interesting and provides intrigue. Yet, the biggest problem this issue is that we get very little of Cassia developing. There is just so many characters tossed into this issue, Cassia doesn’t really get development. She’s there. She is following “instincts” she gets … Cassia is the center of everything and Hutchison does give impact to her importance … but at the same time, she gets to be a supporting character in her own book. This would be ok if this was issue 13 …even issue 9 at the earliest. Yet, this is only issue 4. There is so much that happens this issue that Cassia suffers most. And while the world is interesting and the characters are engaging … it shouldn’t be such a fact in her own book. Also, the fact that we were left several cliffhangers and plots, a couple introduced this issue … kinda works against it.

The Verdict:

Critter # 4 is a good issue, but could have been better. There was a lot of world building this issue and some new mysteries. We got some very exciting and surprising answers to some mysteries, but only are left with more questions. The art is is solid this issue by the art team. Hutchison is pretty amazing in terms of dialogue, but the pacing and the adding of new elements this issue while last issue felt like build up to something bigger this issue does hurt this issue. Although, there is amazing dialogue, surprising twists and the connection between real life event to a fictional character ‘death’ were handled with care and interest. This was a good issue, but not a great issue.