The Adventures of Aero-Girl # 1 Review

Written by DeWayne Feenstra
Art by Axur Eneas & Juan Pablo Riebeling
Lettering by Adam Wollet
NOTE: This book is being produced through the help of Kickstarter!

This will be a spoiler free review.
                We open in the city of Foxbay where our heroes, Battle Jack and Aero Girl face down the members of the Three Ring Circus. After the battle, Aero Girl’s mother starts to go on about how she’s worried about her. Battle Jack, who is also Aero Girl’s dad, tries to play both sides. Jackie aka Aero-girl goes on about how she is not a little girl anymore and walks away. Battle Jack talks to his daughter later, tell her to be careful and goes into the origin of his powers. The next day, Jackie is about to perform in the state gymnastic championship when she notices her father is not there.  She runs off and only finds tragedy await her.


                Feenstra has a great grasp of character voices as he nails a teenage girl wanting to be treated as an adult, the gloating mother who is worried and the father trying not to be the bad guy. Feenstra captures the characters well, allowing us to see multiple dimensions of them throughout this first issue. The pacing was really well done, nothing feeling too heavy and Feenstra spends enough time in each scene to make it significant. The action does book end the issue but is done really well, allowing readers to get excited, breath then get excited again. The authentic dialogue and smart writing really makes this book enjoyable for all ages.

                Eneas and Riebeling do a fantastic job with their cartoon style. The action looks good and jumps at you. The emotional panels are well rendered, being able to see different expression. While the style is cartoony and simplistic, Eneas gives it enough detail while Riebeling’s color breathes life into it. Some might not enjoy the style but I feel that it fits the book well.  The backgrounds and attention to detail good as well, with shading done appropriately.  Really great work from this art team.



                Okay. The art is solid. The writing is smart and does not insult readers. The cliffhanger at the end was perfect. I could see this animated but also am completely fine with it as a comic. This is definitely a project I want to have more of . I give The Adventures of Aero-Girl # 1 a 4.5 … out of 5 stars. Really solid stuff here.

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