Seraph’s Sanctions: IMPERIUM # 9

Writer: Joshua Dysart
Colors: Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Alejandro Arbona
Story arc: The Vine Imperative, Part 1
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (October 2015)


The 411:

The Vine Imperative kicks off with Harada going back to business as usual … showing the world that he will make good on his threats for them putting up with war mongering, profiteering and more. He has small groups perform surgical strikes: an attack on Saudi Arabi with anti -psiot shielding, a nuclear sub factory in Russia and a illegal political party that seized control of a country in Congo. And all this is while Harada and Broken Angel were talking to the African Union.
After the operations, things get very creepy as Angela continues her experiments on cold fusion … needing human subjects and Sunlight by Snow … aka Mech Major is still hiding the one Project Rising Spirit soldier Sasha, hoping to heal her. Unbeknownst to our good Mech Major,Sasha is a undercover Vine operative who has now been charged to take down Harada as the Vine Imperative has been initiated.

IMPERIUM_009_002 IMPERIUM_009_004 IMPERIUM_009_006

The Good:
Dysart continues to build upon the reputation and the goals that Harada set and what is bringing this collective of beings together. Everyone has a part in this issue and gets to have a moment, which is great. Gravedog gets some action and we get to see him using his H.A.R.D. Corp capabilities but with Harada operatives. Dysart continues Harada’s posturing, treating the world as if it was a bad child while he’s the father who must discipline said child … painfully. Dysart makes no apologizes, as Harada does the same. The characterizations are truly terrifying and gripping as Harada, Broken Angel, Sasha and other members of Harada’s Foundation had done some pretty merciless things … two of them psiot children! Yet, the dialogue is dense and engaging. The characters are multi-faceted and the plot is start to run towards how the Vine on Earth plan to eliminate Toyo Harada.

CAFU’s art with Reber’s colors are a vision to behold. There is a wonderful amount of detail in every single panel. CAFU has no problem switching up perspectives to make the book interesting and compelling visually. And does so in a drop of the hat. Every character looks distinct and different and the action looks and feel authentic when you see it.  Really wonderful, clean work from this duo.

The Bad:

The one minor grip is that I feel like some of the panels darker colors might be a little too dark. You can see things fine enough, but just feels there is too much dark shading to the coloring this time around. In some cases, it works for it. In other cases, it works against it a little.


The Verdict:

Imperium #9 continues in a line of books that show us a group of people looking to change the world, some with the best of intentions, but in the worst ways possible. Dysart continues to write compelling, multi-faceted characters that are charming and interesting to read … even if they do some pretty vile things in order to get results. The overall plot for the storyline is setting up well and the pacing was perfect. Besides the darkness in the shading here and there, the book is absolutely stunning. The panels are dynamic and jump off the page. The art will glue you to the book and the writing will make you an addict for it.