Seraph’s Sanctions: LEGEND OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST # 1

Writer: Tom Hutchison
Art: Alisson Borges & Fabio Nahon
Colors: Kate Finnegan & Ceci de la Cruz
Letterers: HDE & Josh Reed
Editors: Kim Hutchison, Vince Hernandez & Gabe Carrasco


The 411:

We get a brutally adventurous beginning of the tale of Dorothy in the land of Oz. She’s been working hard to find the Emerald City to see the wizard, but had some issues along the way. Once she crosses into a town, some men question her …. but Dorothy doesn’t take kindly to their questions as she gunslings into action …


02_LegendOzWW01_Aspen 03_LegendOzWW01_Aspen
The Good:

A western, darker Wizard of Oz. This was quite brilliant. Hutchison creates a vivid, violent new OZ that really meshes well with the Western aesthetics. There’s some great characterization her as we are full engaged by our lead … Dorothy Gale. This young girl is not playing around. She is home sick. She feels that she may never get home. And it is clear she doesn’t trust anyone but Toto … who is a horse in this incarnation. Hutchison makes the elements help breath new life into the classic story of OZ. She is definitely a strong character and it shows with each page. Hutchison really allows readers to get different facets of her quite quickly. It is great. The world so far is slowly getting fleshed out, but it amazing. Between the main story and the back up tale, we are getting to know how OZ became this land of magic and gunslinging.
Borges does a fantastic job with bringing the characters to life this first issue. Proportions look great. The backgrounds are detained and Borges has no problem showing the emotions of the characters. Nahon’s style is a bit more animated but still solid, with wonderful detail and innovative panel work. The action by Borges was dynamic and really appealing. And the colors by Finnegan and de la Cruz were amazing.  They brought a vibrancy to both artists that really help make the characters feel alive and give those panels the hard impact they need.

The Bad:

I’m interested in this guy that is gonna “travel” with Dorothy but he had no name. And I am not sure why but that irked me a little.

The Verdict:
Legend of OZ: The Wicked West # 1 was a solid first issue. We get introduced to a strong lead character who is multi-faceted. This Dorothy is no taking crap from anyone and Hutchison makes her strong but still charming. The main plot of the classic tale takes a more mature element here: Hutchison make it his own. The art was absolutely fantastic.  There is plenty of great detail to immerse you in this new OZ while definitely showing you a bit of everything from gunslingers to lions to flying monkeys … that were in disguise at first. The back up story helps start planting the seeds of the history of our OZ here and we get to really just enjoy OZ turned into a mystic western.