Seraph’s Sanctions: THE DISCIPLES # 4

Writer: Steve Niles
Art: Christopher Mills
Colors: Jay Fotos
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Publisher: BLACK MASK STUDIOS (September 2015)


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The 411:

Jules and Dagmar are still apart as the secrets of the colony are laid bare. Surrounded by horrors, one of them tries to get Lisa Richmond, the girl they were sent to get, away from there. Yet … she’s having a case of being preggers! Pregnant by alien … ghosts … Which is born … and kills … From the four surviving humans … who will survive.

The Good:

THIS BOOK SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME! I felt uncomfortable. I felt very uncomfortable during the issue and there was a great amount of tension. Niles gives a wonderful amount of tension and pacing with this issue. There is some good characterization but the majority of the issue was billing up the climax here.There is very little in terms of words, but Niles makes them impactful and letting the art really pushes off towards the story. Mills and Fotos take Niles’ script and create a horrific atmosphere in the depth of space. Every panel is full of dark detail and moody color that fits the story and every scene. Space never felt so horrific as space zombies and alien babies make their appearance. Mills really makes sure the detail helps you capture every emotion … every last bit of terrifying moment in all the panels. Fotos muted colors were spectacular, fitting the story as necessary.

The Bad:
The issue does end … but its a bit more abrupt then I would like it.


The Verdict:
Niles and Mills do it again with a thrilling read full of interesting characters, horrific plots and amazing pacing. The tension was high and it definitely sucks readers in. The tension this issue had was amazing and Mills and Foto deliver with their art. The mix of space with horror tropes really works here and makes this story and series stand out.  The art was superb and terrifying. The writing is really strong, save for the ending. The ending just seemed to stopped more than end. Yet, otherwise, a solid issue. The Disciples # 4 ends with a very thrilling conclusion.