Writer: Joshua Dysart
Colors: KANO
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Editor: Alejandro Arbona
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (September 2015)


BOD-HARB_001_005 BOD-HARB_001_006

The 411:

We get an interesting look at the future of the Foundation Zone with President Peter Stanchek. We learn the fates of the original Renegades, as we are hinted at more to come, as Peter prepares the world for the return of Harada … 200 years in the future … and with the psychic ability to kill everyone on Earth. Also … the Bleeding Monk dies …

Well …. damn

The Good:
Dysart presents us with an interesting future as he focuses on the long running conflict between Peter Stanchek and Toyo Harada. The personal relationship continues to be one of the great driving forces whenever Peter and Harada are together. We do see that the Foundation Zone has seemed to have prospered. Dysart gives us a dense, yet entertaining issue as we get painted a future of progress and an Earth-shattering confrontation. Peter has definitely grown a lot from where we last saw Peter. Dysart’s character growth of Stanchek feels natural. We get some touching moments of emotions with the magnificence of space.
Kano gives some of the best art of his career in this issue. Kano does some amazing panel work and really balances the mundane with the fantastic this issue. Kano’s line work is nice and detailed but really stands out. His style has really evolved and this issue is beyond breathtaking. Their is vivid color, dynamic panel work and powerful emotion captured on the page allows a story to be told while Dysart’s words allows us insight with Peter at the same time.

The Bad:



The Verdict:

KANO’s art is stunning, gripping and moving. Dysart’s writing is compelling, intriguing and complex. This single issue gives so much with so little, like other Book of Death one-shots. Yet, this certainly does it best. The art is amazing, showing the complexes and colors of the universe. There was a lot of great moments in this issue that felt fulfilling: particular the fate of Zephyr aka Faith… and finding out which Valiant character she ended up married to. The story is self contained while builds upon both Harbinger and Imperium. Definitely, one of the best single issues I have ever read.