Straight Forward Reviews : Herald Lovecraft and Tesla 1st two story arcs

COVER 1 HeraldWriter – John Reilly

Artist – Tom Rogers (pencils) Dexter Weeks (colors)

Publisher – Action Lab

Review by Jeremias de Leon


This review covers the first two story arcs of Herald Lovecraft and Tesla named “History in the Making” and “Fingers to the Bone”. As these are Straight Forward Reviews these won’t go into extreme story details, we try to avoid spoilers here anyway.

The story as a whole in both arcs have an overarching story of Nikola Tesla wanting to find Amelia Earhart and joins up with HP Lovecraft in his search for her and find out that they also have to stop Cthulhu from awakening.

The writing is briskly paced and with this kind of writing there’s a chance that the characters won’t be memorable or like they have time to breathe but instead in this comic, it doesn’t feel like things are rushed but rather that it just cut out the fat and filler that would be in similar stories. The story wants to tell you what you need to know but it doesn’t want to feel like it’s wasting your time.


The art in this series undergoes some noticeable art evolution. The first issue has a bit of a distinct but also a bit of a generic style. The second issue becomes more distinct and by issue three the art style has become it’s own and it looks great. It really becomes something great to look at and some of the panels are designed so well they feel like they carry some emotion or strong points in the narrative even without the words. HERALD_06-8


This story so far does a great job of taking historical figures and making a fantastical narrative about them. From the eponymous protagonists to other figures like Mark Twain and Thomas Edison this book makes great use of these figures by having them do outlandish things but still having them in character to how they were thought to be like in real life. If you’re a fan of literature, Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, or of history or even better all three, then this is a highly entertaining read. I give Herald Lovecraft and Tesla two arcs “History in the Making” and “Fingers to the Bone” a 9 out of 10