Seraph’s Sanctions: CRITTER # 3

Writer: Tom Hutchison
Penciler: Fico Ossio & CB Zane
Inker: Fico Ossio & CB Zane
Colors: Fico Ossio & Ceci de la Cruz
Lettering: Kel Nuttall
Editors: Vince Hernandez & Gabe Carrasco
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS/BIG DOG IMPRINT (September 2015)


03_CRIT-03 02_CRIT-03

The 411:

Tidepool attacks with an all out invasion of his soldiers. Heroes are do their best to fend off Tidepool’s forces as Starlette and Rookie go head to head with Tidepool himself and the villain is actually beating the crap out of them. Tidepool arrives in time to give good reinforcements to Starlette and Rookie … facing off against Tidepool for the first time … only to get it interrupted by Mascara.

In the meantime, we start to see how much influence Paradox has on Critter’s mother, Velvet Fox. As she learns of her powers and Paradox works on his manipulations … they grow very close … closer than they both thought.

The Good:

Hutchison continues his strong world building and character development in this issue. Velvet Fox, Critter, Starlette, Rookie, Paradox and Mascara all got solid development. While Critter, Mascara, Starlette and Rookie have strong, but small character development. Paradox and Velvet Fox, in their smaller story, have incredible development for both characters while advancing that story’s plot. Hutchison really grants Velvet Fox and Paradox is amazing. The plot of the main story was good, giving a strong showing of our new villain, Tidepool.  Also, loved that Hutchison carried over Mascara from last issue to this issue … making her obsession be apparent.

Ossio and CB Zane do excellent jobs with great panel work throughout the entire book. The panels explode this issue as the artists do their very best. Both artists do not keep traditional comic panels, getting creative with their panel work and the emotion they bring onto the page. Both artists get creative in how they render a story, allowing to really feel the impact of the events throughout it.

The colors this issue are absolutely outstanding. They really bring out the best in each artist. Ossio and de la Cruz really give their best foot forward when it came to this issue, letting their colors really match the tone and allow to bring out the best of the artists. Ossio’s style and colors really fit the main story, and readers who are not adjusted to it will be after this issue. Really stellar jobs.


The Bad:

There was a lot in this issue between Paradox, Velvet Fox, Starlette, Rookie and our new villain. Yet, Critter still had impact but it felt short. There was a lot going on and we didn’t see much of our star. That was the only real gripe I had.


The Verdict:

Critter # 3 continues to entertain, explorer and intrigue readers with a wondrous new world of super heroes, their villains and the one heroine that seems to tie everything together. The only misstep this issue was how heavy this world was dealing with things without our main star. It does make sense and even kudos to Hutchison for giving time for things to happen for Critter to show up. Still, the book was enjoyable with solid world building, great character development and some magnificent art. Critter #3 gives us more of the world around us while building the characters importance in this world and … in a sense … to her. A great job by Big Dog Imprint.