Seraph’s Sanctions: IVAR, TIMEWALKER # 9

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Pere Perez
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: VALIANT COMICS (September 2015)

The 411:
We go back. Back to right after Gilad aka the Eternal Warrior was killed during the Anni-Padda Brothers raid in the Faraway, Ivar is planning of using the Boon to resurrect Gilad. When Aram aka Armstrong was about to fight Ivar, we get an oddly ironic opening …

As Neela takes younger Ivar along, we find that Null are slowly killing the Multiverse …


IVAR_009_003 IVAR_009_004

The Good:

Perez does an absolutely amazing job. The panel work is solid and exciting. The panels are full of detail, with strong backgrounds and character designs of all shapes and sizes. Perez’s line work never looked better as it just jumps off the page. From the depths of space to old Mesopotamia to different worlds, Perez goes all out. Dalhouse’s colors reign supreme as the color makes Perez’s art nearly makes the art glow.
Van Lente continues to write some of his best work of his career. It is amazing how he takes a shout out to Archer and Armstrong # 0, the first issue of this series and another one that you might miss and weave them into a new story. The story is gripping, hilarious and complex. Van Lente creates a wonderful tapestry this issue that crosses multiple points of time and universes but makes it an easy read. The dialogue is witty and insightful as always. Van Lente really dives into dichotomy between Ivar and Neela that you cannot deny it. Van Lente continues to be one of the best writers in comics.


The Bad:



The Verdict:

Van Lente, Perez and Dalhouse create a lively, descriptive and beautifully complex first part of “Ending History.” ┬áPerez’s art never looked better with Dalhouse make it look stunning it bombastic color. Van Lente continues to write excellent, compelling characters and gripping, multi-layered stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, grip at your heart and make you hungry for more. Van Lente has consistently done amazing work on this book since it started, creating a run for the ages.