Seraph’s Sanctions: AWAKE # 1

Writer: Susan Beneville
Art: Brian Hess
Color: Brian Hess
Letters: Jaymes Reed

The 411:

Regn and Operi make planet fall as they tour the planet and make a new friend named Bashi. As the three enter the cave where Regn meets her ultimate destiny. Regn is there to awaken the planet, but she’s in for a big surprise.

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The Good:

Beneville and Hess do an outstanding job in this opening issue. Beneville creates a very gripping, interesting first issue while creates a wonderful atmosphere, charming characters, wonderful locales and a solid plot of the book. Regn is our lead who’s job is to awaken the consciousnesses of a particular planet to stabilize it. Beneville gives us a girl that is getting used to her destiny while struggling with who she is. Regn is a strong character with relatable vulnerabilities that readers can grasp. Beneville paces the issue well, doing solid world building and intro some of the great supporting characters.
Hess’s art is absolutely beautiful. His animation like style presents us characters of all shapes and sizes with solid, wondrous backgrounds. The pencils and inks are brought out well with stunning color. Hess makes kinetic movement look stunning as we see the bear-like Operi and wolf-like Bashi look amazing.


The Bad:

Beneville and Hess create a wonderful issue and nothing works.

The Verdict:

Beneville and Hess create a bold new book with innovative concept with a solid story and beautiful art. Hess pulls readers in with his stunning visuals while Beneville’s dialogue and plot keep readers gripped. The animation like art jumps at you. Beneville gives us a strong main character, a wonderful and diverse supporting cast, a concept that is original and gripping cliffhanger. This book is amazing.