Seraph’s Sanctions: IVAR, TIMEWALKER # 8

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Art: Francis Portela & Karl Kesel
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Tom Brennan

The 411:
Ivar goes along with his brothers and Amelia Erhart in order to save Neela. The Anni-Padda brothers show their strength in combat and ingenuity. The battle gets intense as Gilad saves Neela … while Armstrong rungs into Future Neela. In this conflict, it is the Null vs the Anni- Padda brothers for existence … and one of them doesn’t get back alive.

IVAR_008_005-006 IVAR_008_003-004
The Good:
Portela and Kesel go all out in this finale. There is a lot of beautiful action, plenty of interesting characters and backgrounds. The battles this issue were spectacular and amazing. The panel work is innovative and smart, letting Portela and Kesel to really go all out in every panel of art this issue. Portela also does a magnificent job of conveying strong emotions this issue.  With Dalhouse on colors, Portela and Kesel’s work never looked better. The colors are vibrant and engaging to the eyes.

Van Lente is one of the best comic writers of our age. This issue does so much with so little that it is absolutely insane. We have action, adventure, science fiction, drama, love and death molded in a perfect gem to end this storyline with. The stakes were high and Van Lente did not disappoint. The dialogue was witty, intelligent and full of emotion. The pacing was amazing. The story was gratifying, grippng, compelling and entertaining. Van Lente takes you on an amazing ride that does not let go till the final panel.

The Bad:
Hahahhahahahhaahahha … Bad … Ivar? BAD? hhahahahahhahhhahahaha you must be insane.

The Verdict:
Ivar, Timewalker continues to be what are the best things about comics: Stunning, innovative art with compelling, gripping and strong writing. This issue is a beautiful marriage between writing and art. Portela delivers some of the best art in comics this issue with the powerful imagery while Van Lente continues to prove himself one of the greatest writers of our generation and this issue is his masterpiece. Breaking History ends with heart-gripping, pulse-pounding, action-packed climax that just takes you and never lets go. One of the best comics I have ever read.