Deck Yuusha! # 1: Amon/Astaroth Legion

by Gustavo Avenia & Frankie Rodriguez

Welcome to the premiere edition of Deck Yuusha! These will highlight the brave men and women who play the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard and feature their decks. We start with a Vanguard player who recently came to his first tournament in the Central Florida Area. He topped a tournament, only getting one loss. What deck was he using? Was it the highly popular Kagero Overlord/X deck? No! Was it Aqua Force with Lambrose! Nope! Was it Sanctuary Guard deck from Royal Paladin? Hell to the no.

It was the more rarely played Dark Irregulars: Amon/Astaroth Legion Deck. Let’s get a break down of the deck and what he used.

Player’s Name: Rafael Rivera

1 Amon’s Follower, Barmaid Grace (Starter)

4 Amon’s Follower, Cruel Hand (Crit)
4 Amon’s Follower, Hells Trick (Heal)
4 Amon’s Follower, Grausam (Crit)
2 Dark Knight Of Nightmareland (Crit)
2 Hysteric Shirley (Draw)

4 Doreen The Thruster
4 Amon’s Follower, Vlad Specula
4 Amon’s Follower, Hells Deal
2 Poet Of Darkness, Amon

4 Amon’s Follower, Hells Draw
4 Amon’s Follower, Hells Nail
2 Flying Librarian
3 Psychic Of Dust, Izaya

4 Amon’s Leader, Astaroth
4 Demon World Marquis, Amon

4 Abominable One, Gilles De Rais
2 Amons Talon, Marchocias
2 Love Tempest, Kisskill Lira

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So, his deck playstyle is variable to 2 Ways: Full Aggressive OR 1/2 Agro 1/2 Control.

The following breaks down his deck by Avenia directly:

 It was his first tournament in the U.S. and he kicked it off at Coliseum of Comics.  Aside from having the element of surprise of being a player no one really knew, he also had a different playing style from other Dark Irregular players. In his full aggro style, he calls multiple grade 1s on Turn 1; then uses the starter and Hell’s Deal to Soul Charge 4 right off the bat. Having Doreens on the field while doing all this soul charging boosts her power by +12k, putting her attack power at 18k by herself. With 3 powerful attacks, an opponent could potentially take 3 to 4 damage on Turn 1 (give or take a critical trigger).  On Turn 2, Rafael then rides up to grade 2 and proceeds to call either Hell’s Draw or another Hell’s Deal. This would allow him to soul charge 2 with either of those units and soul charge 2 more after that from the starter. This makes Doreen +12k again, making her a prime booster for front rearguards. At this point, one of two things will happen. Either the opponent can’t guard and loses or the opponent gets pushed to 5 damage (give or take an opponent’s heal trigger). On Turn 3, he rides either Amon or Astaroth, then strides Gilles De Rais for game or pressure. He continues striding until he pushes for game. If he can’t stride, he legions and applies pressure with Astaroth’s +1 critical for have 10 cards in his soul.

Now, for the Agro/Control aspect of the deck, he rides up normally to Grade 3 with rearguards.  BUT, I want to point out, he would also be maintaining hand in care of an emergency and keeping options to guard. Once he hits Grade 3, he consistently strides and repeatedly powerhouses the opponent with 30k + attacks from the vanguard. Once Strides are gone, he legions with Astaroth and drops down the following cards: Hell’s Deal, Hell’s Draw, Flying Librarian and Hysteric Shirley. He does this to gain a massive amount of  soul charge for the vanguard to swing with the +1 critical. He also receives rows of massive rearguard lines from powering up Of Doreen. With all that power, he pushes for game.

And that’s the deck. Congratulations to Rafael for topping in his first continental U.S. tournament and his first tournament in Coliseum of Comics in Kissimmee, Florida. So, take a look at the deck and decide for yourself. And with all that done, we welcome you as the first Deck Yuusha (yuusha means Brave/Hero in Japanese). Come back next week as we plan to have more decks and more commentary… And remember … be brave and stand up the Vanguard!