RAI # 2 Review

RAI # 2
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Clayton Crain
Lettering by Dave Lanphear
Valiant Comics

This will be a spoiler free review.

                The mystery continues as Rai goes to investigate the first murder in a thousand years in Japan. Rai then runs into Lula. Lula then gives Rai a new piece of the mystery that opens up a library to him. A library that is not under Father’s jurisdiction. And that library just beings to open more doors.


                Clayton Crain continues to draw a gorgeous book, full of images that pop right at you.  The amount of detail to the characters and background is astounding. And Crain really embraces the scifi feel and look of New Japan. The fully realized world of the future comes with some spectacular images and intense action. Crain brings out the best of his work from the first line to the last drop of color.

                Kindt script is solid from the word go. He tackles Rai, allowing Rai to be vulnerable while still being very much a letal weapon. Kindt gives a great amount of narrative and dialogue this issue but it really helps with the world building and developing character between Rai and Lula.  The story for the issue moves as a good pays. Kindt gives an incredible attention to detail as he links this book to present day Valiant while still building the future. With great pacing and compelling dialogue, this book is just a winner.


                Nothing except waiting another month.

                This book is nothing short of amazing. I definitely has me gripped with the story and the art is amazing. I give Rai # 2 … a 5 … out of 5. It is Amazing.