Seraph’s Sanction: IMPERIUM # 8

Writer: Joshua Dysart
Art: Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher & Sean Parsons
Colors: Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Alejandro Arbona
Publisher: VALIANT COMICS (September 2015)

The 411:
We have Harada face off against Divinity … where it comes down to a powerful dance of ideologies … and what they fight for. And Broken Angels ends …

Big Moment:
Divinity puts Harada in his place …

The Good:
We got ourselves a wonderful philosophical debate going on while having time being manipulated and your mind messed with. Joshua Dysart creates a unique atmosphere and issue as Harada is working on pushing his ideology on Divinity. And Abram is not taking it. Dysart takes the argument compelling as Harada’s so driven to get this perfect world that it caused him to try to get Divinity on his side. Yet, we find someone that even Harada cannot simply sway makes the whole issue interesting. It gives a vulnerability to both characters that makes the read so intriguing, compelling and thought-provoking. The meaty issue built itself well, with superb pacing and excellent character development.
Eaton does a magnificent job. The panels continue to blow up around the page. There is beautiful detail.  Reber really gives Eaton’s work an explosive shine with dynamic color. He does the same with CAFU as well. Faucher and Parson really flesh out Eaton and CAFU’s work so well that it jumps out the screen. We got presented with some really gripping images and emotion that continue to let the picture tell the story which was amazing.

IMPERIUM_008_003 IMPERIUM_008_004
The Bad:

The Verdict:
This issue was the best issue of Imperium yet. The art was some of Valiant’s best. Both artists were completely stunning. The writing is some of Dysart’s best … some of the best in comics. There is character development. There is philosophical debate. There is a lot of spectacular panel work with exquisite writing with it. Harada is shaken. Gravedog is questioning his place. Broken Angel is just beginning to develop and deal with humanity. Lord Vine 99 is still deals with his bloodlust. Mech Major continues to show more humanity compared the rest of the cast. And now, there is an immense amount of intrigue to what is to come and what will come of Harada. Comics at its best.