Seraph’s Sanctions: HEROCATS OF STELLAR CITY # 7

Writer: Kyle Puttkammer
Art: Marcus Williams & Ryan Sellers
Colors: Omaka Schultz
Letterer: Briana Higgins
Published: ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT (August 2015)

The 411:
Belle has a dream that gives a premonition of the terror that is coming. After that, we the new boy, Bandit, on a mission. He steals some files and  does a little spying. From there, the Herocats, minus Cassie, take on a living plant that seems to be the spawn of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. Bandit makes a timely save and gives the team information on the files he stole. And it looks like there was some information on dimensional portals … OH WOW …

The crows are invading … and it is not good … and we get to lose someone …

The Big Moment:
Bandit’s introduction to the Herocats.


Herocats_07-2 Herocats_07-3 Herocats_07-4 Herocats_07-5

The Good:
Puttkammer decides to build up our brand new Herocat and it pays off in spades. Bandit is already charms readers …. and some of our other Herocats. Bandit is quick thinking, agile … kind of roguish but has a good heart. Obviously, Belle already gets that and Puttkammer makes these characterizations very strong. There is great plot development and we see more out of the more underdeveloped Herocats. The debut of Bandit was solid and the main storyline kicks off with wonderful action and plenty of intrigue.
Williams and Sellers give us detail us wonderful action and expression. The action is bold. Bandit was rendered amazingly, definitely living a visual impact. The backgrounds deepen the experience for readers. Williams and Sellers really conveys great emotion this issue. Schultz does an amazing job breathing life by presenting the issue will vivid color.

The Bad:
There was no bad.

The Verdict:
We got a solid opening to the Crow King Saga with a stunning debut for Bandit. Puttkammer makes this single issue filled with interesting plot development, brilliant characterization and good world building while make the issue still feel simple. It is still sophisticated, yet not so much that anyone who picks up this issue, even if it is the first issue. This issue had a little bit of everything and, together, this make this one of the best single issues of the year.