Straight Forward Reviews : Princeless vol. 4 issue 3

Pincelessvol4issue3CVRWriter – Jeremy Whitley

Artist – Emily Martin

Publisher – Action Lab

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Spoiler free summary : Adrienne fights her way on to meet her sister along with Bedelia and their goblin master guide. Meanwhile Sparky, Adrienne’s dragon is left to protect the goblins and learns some shocking truths.

This issue is chock full of humor and Jeremy Whitley’s great character dialog writing. On top of that expect to find some action scenes which are not only cool but fairly humorous as well.


The stylized character designs seem especially good in this issue due to the humorous action scenes in this issue. It seems to make the characters stand out more in the reader’s mind which is a good thing. The thick ink outlines also helps in this.


This issue was extremely enjoyable to read with hardly any lulls throughout the whole issue. The action looked great and was funny and there was nice humorous dialog through the book too. The wonderful art by Emily Martin also made it a joy to read. I give Princeless Vol 4 issue 3 (or Princeless : Be Yourself # 3) a 9 out of 10