Straight Forward Reviews : Book of Death The Fall of Ninjak 1

BOD-NINJAK_001_COVER-A_KANOWriter – Matt Kindt

Artist – Trevor Hairsine

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


The premise of this issue is that an old Ninjak is pretty much all there is to protect Earth. This story goes into Ninjak’s mind and philosophies and it’s contrasted very well by the action scenes.

Matt Kindt by this point has really gotten into the head of Ninjak and it shows beautifully here. There’s a peak into the rest of the Valiant world in this issue too and it leaves a lot of questions into just what kind of things happened 100 years before. As for the comic’s present day it also gives a peak as to who the new heroes would be in this future.


Trevor Hairsine’s pencils have this great balance of being a bit gritty and quite clean at the same time. BOD-NINJAK_001_004The future depicted in this issue is one that has gone through many hardships and destruction which explains the grit but there’s still a sense of hope. The colors from Allen Passalaqua with a wider color palette than one would expect for a dystopian future kind of story but I think it works very well for showing that this world still has some hope in it.


This was a much more enjoyable read than I originally thought. I was expecting a typical hopeless, sad type of dystopian future but Ninjak’s actions and philosophies were intriguing and gave this issue something to take away from it more than “it’s a comic set in a bad future”. I give Book of Death : Fall of Ninjak # 1 a 9.5 out of 10