Transreality Graphic Novel Kickstarter Has 10 Days to Go

Transreality deals with life of people living a digital beings in a virtual reality. Time is running out. Please help Christopher Lackey achieve his goal to make Transreality a reality.



Transreality Graphic Novel Sequel Launches Kickstarter

August 5, 2015


Keighley, UK – Witch House Media UK has announced the launch of a Kickstarter fundraiser for the sequel to its critically acclaimed first graphic novel, Transreality. The upcoming book, Transreality: New Worlds, is a science fiction story that explores the ideas of artificial intelligence, physical and mental modification of human beings and what it truly means to be human.


Transreality: New Worlds explores a future where people can live solely as digital beings in virtual environments. These digital people can make copies of themselves to live more than one life at a time. They can also download their consciousnesses into real, physical bodies in the living world. But having more than one version of yourself can cause unexpected problems and societal changes.


Transreality: New Worlds picks up where Transreality left off, with James, a 21st century man, Soni, a teenager exploring the limits of her new reality and Alexis, an uplifted, pink gorilla, exploring the galaxy in search of James’ long, lost children. But when he finds them will he understand what they have become? Will they have a place in each other’s lives?


Here are some reviews of the first Transreality:


‘This is a top-notch bit of work.  You care about the characters, you’re continually intrigued by the innovation, and you are led by unexpected routes to a satisfying conclusion.  What more can you ask for?’  ~ Dion Scrolls, Geek Syndicate


Its familiar elements are given an original and thought-provoking spin by Chris Lackey’s confident craft; if you like a bit of empathy and humanity with your futuristic speculation, then Transreality is certainly the book for you.” ~ Tom Murphy, Broken Frontier


Transreality: New Worlds will be a full-colour, soft-cover, 128 page book available in September of 2016, if funding is successful.


For more information about the Transreality: New Worlds Kickstarter project go to:

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