We Can Never Go Home # 4 Preview

Artist: Josh Hood

Writers: Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon

Colorist: Tyler Boss

Letterer: Jim Campbell

Cover: Michael Walsh
A love letter to the type of stories nobody tells anymore, We Can Never Go Home is a coming of age tale for misfits, a crime story for the innocent, a road story for the aimless, and a comic about strange abilities from another point of view. It is the story of Duncan and Madison, 2 high school kids who get in some trouble and decide to go on the run together. Mixtapes, stolen cars, .45’s, superpowers, dead drug dealers, their money, and the backroads of America.

With bold and expressive art from Josh Hood (JLA: Scary Monsters, Venom), sharp, character-driven writing by Matthew Rosenberg (Archie Meets Ramones, Secret Wars Journal) & Patrick Kindlon (SHIELD: Quake, Menu), and vibrant, fascinating colors from Tyler Boss (Lazarus), WE CAN NEVER GO HOME as emerged as one of the most talked about indie comics of the year.





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